"What is happening, what is going to happen, all that is just fun to talk about. But what’s important to me is that these two people are on the same page and are seeing the same thing… As long as they’re seeing the same thing I think there is a resolution and the possibility of hope in the film." - Jeff Nichols

It’s a misalignment of synaptic receptors and triggers… alkalis, colors, and certain metallics. It’s a type of hypersensitivity. One sense triggers another sense. Sometimes I’ll see a color and it’ll put a taste in my mouth. A touch, a texture, a scent may put a note in my head.”

You will always be Peter Parker! no one else. 


The Fly (1986)

10 True Facts about Chris McCandless

  1. He did not burn (or give away) all his money and throw away his ID and walk off into the woods to meet his mysterious and slightly romantic and spiritual fate. While he did give away his trust fund (which I’d basically respect him for if he wasn’t otherwise such an obviously worthless twat), he had a wallet with $300 in cash and his ID in a hidden zipped pocket of his backpack. This indicates that he did in fact plan to rejoin civilization, presumably while still alive.
  2. He had a map with him. This map showed the Denali park road about 10 miles away from the bus where he stayed. It wouldn’t have been an easy hike, but it was certainly doable … especially considering it’s over 20 miles to get to the bus by the route he originally took. [Edit: This point is in question … I have now come across one source saying he didn’t have a map, and a mention elsewhere that he did. However, at the moment, I can’t find the source saying he did have a map anymore. So, it may be that he was too incompetent to read a map, and it may be that he was stupid enough not to bring one. That certainly doesn’t settle anything one way or another, but I did say “true facts” here, so I’m obligated to say I’m no longer sure on this point. However, his wallet was hidden, so maybe his map was as well?!][Added: I have since been given a link to a site with a photo of the Alaska Coroner’s list of belongings returned to McCandless’ family following his autopsy. On the list is “Road Map”. See a copy of the photo below this entry, and a link to the documentary filmmaker’s site where it is shown.]
  3. He poached a moose and let the whole thing rot. This means he was fucking stupid enough to hike off into the middle of fucking nowhere, thinking he would hunt to survive, without any fucking idea how to preserve meat.
  4. The bus is not actually sitting at the foot of breathtakingly beautiful mountains. The movie was filmed in Cantwell, well south of the true location of his death. The actual spot he died was a much less glamorous boggy Alaskan swamp … swarmed with mosquitos, with all the lovely mountains off on a distant horizon. But Hollywood couldn’t let Alaska look drab, could they now?
  5. The river he crossed to get to the bus in the first place has a good seasonal run of grayling (fish). You can quite easily build a contraption that would basically allow you to scoop fish straight out of the fucking river. Or hey, you could even bring a fishing pole with you! [Added: See Alaska coroner’s belonging list below. He did have a fishing pole. Even more baffling.]
  6. He tried to hike back out at one point, but noted that the water level had risen enough that he could no longer cross the river safely. This indicates that he wanted to get the fuck out of there when he was still well enough to hike 20+ miles back the way he came … remember the map , and the Denali park road only 10 miles in another direction from the bus? [may not have had a map]
  7. Less than a mile downstream on the river in question, there is a manual tram he could have used to cross. There is also a spot about a mile upstream where the riverbed “braids” and the water is much shallower … also a spot he could have crossed. He apparently walked neither up nor downstream while trying to cross. Even though, again … he had a fucking MAP!! [may not have had a map]
  8. There is no indication whatsoever that he ate anything poisonous. The wild potato seeds branded as toxic in the book turned out not to be poisonous at all. The book was published before the full lab analysis was completed. Also, he did not mistake the potatoes for wild sweet peas. He knew what he was eating.
  9. He left an SOS note taped to one of the bus windows saying he was injured and too weak to hike out and needed help (while his autopsy revealed no sign of injury). The SOS note was conveniently not shown in the movie.
  10. Fact is, McCandless was at the bus plenty long enough to starve to death naturally, and during the later stages of starvation, delirium, disorientation and physical weakness are severe (remember that he thought himself badly injured when he actually wasn’t). This means once you reach the “tipping point” of starvation, as it were, you’re unable to effectively hunt or forage any more, which greatly accelerates the final stages of death.